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Alice Comedies, Walt Disney (1924-26)

After its success at the start of the year at Black Movie, the Alice Comedies are back in Geneva ! As well as screenings in various venues around Geneva, there'll be a special ciné-concert on Sunday 12 November at the Grütli Cinemas with a flute/electric guitar duo from the Paris Chambre d'Hôte Orchestra!

Way back before it became the best known film studio in the world, Disney was the name of a real-life author whose first films dated back to the 1920's. Using some diverse and incredibly inventive, funny and poetic animation techniques, these short films were bravely presented by a little heroine by the name of Alice.

In 2016, the French distributor Malavida unearthed a genuine treasure: the very first films made by Walt Disney between 1924 and 1926 – before the studio's creation and birth of the famous mouse – which up to then had never been screened in public (the legend had it that Walt Disney organized private screenings).

Today, these films still impress and enthrall us with their savvy mix of cartoon and real-life shoots. In each story, Alice's body is magically integrated into the world of cartoons against a background of moving landscapes (Far West, ocean depths...) and the company of some droll and sometimes frightening animals.

The Paris Chambre d'Hôte Orchestra provided the soundtrack, thus adding a delicious retro touch to the whole. Certain elements in the films that these days certainly wouldn't get past our politically correct radar screens serve to point up the progressive hygienization of our mentalities.

More information on our website, in the “Automnales jeune public” section (French only).
Book your seats for the cine-concert: Les Cinémas du Grütli
Trailer: Alice Comedies


The last wave, Peter Weir (1977)

Black Movie has been inspired by the Effet boomerang. Australian Aboriginal arts – the exhibition currently on show at Geneva's Ethnographic Museum. In collaboration with the Museum, the Festival is planning to highlight Australian Aboriginal traditional graphic creation – every Sunday (except the first Sunday of the month) at 17:00.

The eight leading works on display at the MEG have deeply impressed the world of international cinema; together, these works represent an astonishing range of how subjects may be rendered and how perceptions can evolve over time.

Sunday 12 November. THE ROAD TO FREEDOM by Philip Noyce
1931: three young Aborigine half-caste girls are snatched away from their families and placed in a reeducation center for to be trained in white Australian culture and lifestyles. But the kids get away and go off in search of their home territory, walking almost 2500 km and managing to cunningly avoid the authorities who are pursuing them...

Sunday November 19. 10 CANOES, 150 SPEARS, 3 WIVES by Rolf de Heer
BRAN NUE DAE is a filmed adaptation of the only musical comedy ever made about Aborigines; a big hit, it traveled all over Australia in the 1990s. Set in 1969, young Willie's future – he's all set to become a preacher – seems to have been decided in advance. But his heart, full of love for the beautiful and gentle Rosie, has other ideas... as does his soul, which appeals to him not to deny his culture. Willie becomes a rebel...

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Les Petits Canards en Papier
Petit Black Movie october screening

At the beginning of the 1960s, the Shanghai Art Studios were compared in importance to the Disney Studios. To distance themselves from foreign animation influences, they chose to bet on traditional arts like calligraphy, paintings, engravings and marionette- or shadow-theater.

The studios still distinguish themselves for the meticulously handcrafted quality of their productions. The three films offered this month are no exception to the rule: entirely fashioned in origami – the characters as well as the decors – they recount the fabulous adventures of wood- and swamp-dwelling creatures.

More information on our website, in the “Automnales jeune public” (French only).
Trailer: Les Petits Canards en papier.